Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 01- Your Favorite Song

My super awesome GBF just started the 30 Day Song Challenge on his FB page.  I looked it up, and not only does it seem right up my alley, it also goes along with what I already do on this jank all the time, which is post videos and talk about why I like them.  I decided to do it too, posting the songs on FB as well as explaining them here.

So... Day 01.  Your Favorite Song.

This one was sort of impossible for me.  I have no "official" favorite song.  It changes depending on mood, day, time, wind speed- you get the picture.  However, there is one song that I always come back to, that always blows me away with every listen.  Every. Single. Listen.  Thus, it takes the cake as my Favorite Song.

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