Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 14- A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

Yet again, another toughie.  I have a fairly bizarre and wide-ranging taste in music, so it really doesn't surprise people when I like songs that are "unlike" me.  However, I do have a sort-of typical style of music- acoustic guitars, pianos, female singers, usually of the indie rock persuasion.  That's why I went with this little ditty.  I'm not usually a fan of top 40 anything, mostly because a lot of it isn't any good.  Sometimes, though, I'll get an earworm that I can-NOT shake.  Which is how I came to love this song.

I've been very vocal about my love of a cappella music and my jinga-jing past.  During the first season of The Sing-Off, Nota did a version of this song, and it was used in EVERY COMMERCIAL.  By the time the show aired, I couldn't wait to hear them perform, and they KILLED it.  I knew they were going to win right then, and I was very pleased when they did!  And got to perform this song WITH Jay Sean!  This is totally off my usual style, and it even has LIL JOHN featured on it.  Yet, I love it.  If this song is on while I'm driving, I'm probably doing a super-terrible-embarrassing car dance.

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