Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Don't they get together in the end?"


That was the sound that my entire neighborhood last night around 8:30 eastern when Blaine finally declared his feelings for Kurt, and they shared a precious and lovely first couple kiss.  Oh my stars and garters, I know The Hubs and The Pup were both quite happy to be elsewhere during the show last night, even though my squeal was so high-pitched that only The Pup could have heard it anyway.  I checked out my Tumblr dashboard this morning, which was not-so-shockingly filled with animated gifs and gorgeous graphics from last night's Glee, most of which featured The Kiss.  I'm actually surprised Tumblr was still operational after all that.

To sum up, I was pleased.

Say what you will about Glee, but thank goodness there is a show that's not afraid to show true love and emotion between two people, no matter their gender or orientation.  Chris Colfer and Darren Criss acted the everloving CRAP out of that scene, and I applaud their talent.  It was one of the truest, realest kisses I have ever seen on a television show, especially one centered around "teenagers."  Their chemistry is undeniable, and we all benefit from seeing it unfold.  I hope this kind of emotion continues to plaster itself all over my television from here on out.

Also... MAN, Darren Criss has the prettiest eyes.  SERIOUSLY.

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