Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 19- A Song From Your Favorite Album

Eek!  With my super stressful weekend, I totes forgot to post my song challenge songs!  So, you lucky readers get THREE POSTS today!  Woooooooo.

So, Friday was supposed to be a song from my favorite album.  I have many favorite albums (duh) like Whatever and Ever Amen, the White Album, and Feed the Animals.  This is from one of my new favorites, Florence + the Machine.  I picked this track in particular, and this VIDEO in particular, to showcase just how amazing Ms. Florence is.  In this day of autotuning, pitch correction, and overproduction, Florence Welch rocks her own unique style and her fanTAStic voice at every opportunity.  So fresh, so lovely.  Go out and buy Lungs RIGHT NOW.

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