Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 07- A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

I have known The Hubs for almost 11 years now.  We first became friends in 2000, when we were in marching band together at JMU (nerrrrrds).  We found out quickly that we both had fabulous taste in music, and we were both big fans of Weezer.  In fact, one of his first memories of me, where he first knew that I wasn't like other girls he knew, is a conversation we had about a Pixies tribute album where Weezer does a cover of "Velouria," and he said he loved the fact that I knew that AND that I knew who the Pixies were in the first place.  We spent much of our college years going to shows all over Virginia, and I was with him for my very first Weezer show (an excellent lineup at American University, with Ozma and The Get-Up Kids opening).  As our friendship blossomed into romance, we kept up this trend of discovering new and awesome music together.

So, in late 2007, as an engaged couple, we were having some trouble picking a song for our First Dance.  I didn't want to pick some cheesy love song that didn't have any meaning for us, and I knew I couldn't keep a straight face through something sappy.  Around that time, River Cuomo released an album of his home recordings, which we bought the week it came out.  That was where we found "I Was Made For You." One listen, and we knew we'd found our song.  So... on our wedding day, we danced to Rivers, which was just perfect.  Here's to you, my awesome dude, my very best friend, my Hubs.

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