Thursday, March 1, 2012

30 Day Book Challenge Day 01- Best Book You Read Last Year (& #200!)

And welcome to my 200th entry.  Check it out!  It only took me, like, five years to get here!  LOOK AT IT.

In all seriousness, thanks for reading.  I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings, and I hope you continue to enjoy them.  If you really enjoy them and want to hear more of my ramblings as well as the rambling of other awesomely talented ladies, see also Wastepaper Prose and Good Morning, Good Morning.

NOW!  Last March, I participated in the 30 Day Song Challenge, and I thought it was super fun.  So, I figured I'd try another challenge for March 2012, hoping it will spring me back into a more regular blogging schedule (she said hopefully).  Since you know I am an active reader and book reviewer for a blog followed by at least 1000 people! (as she plugs Wastepaper Prose one more time), I thought I'd do the 30 Day Book Challenge.  I decided to make this a 30 Day YA Book Challenge because, well, that's what I predominantly read.

-No using the same book/series twice unless absolutely necessary (so only 1 mention of Harry Potter).
-Authors can be used more than once.
-Only YA books.
-One post a day!

So... 30 Days, (presumably) 30 Books, 30 ways to make fun of myself.

Day 01- Best book you read last year
Last year was a banner year at the BS house for books.  It's when I started reading much more  consistently.  Also, I was pretty bad about keeping track of what I read and when I read it (I keep a spreadsheet now... seriously).  However, one book clearly stands out among the rest.  Let's say all the books I read last year met in a battle to the death, this one would be the winner.  I think you know where I'm going with this.

the hunger games Pictures, Images and Photos

Not only one of the best YA books in recent years, not only one of the best YA books ever, but simply one of the best books ever.  Period.  No genre needed.  Suzanne Collins can write face-meltingly well.  She created one of the most bad-ass female characters in the history of bad-ass female characters.  More than that, though, Katniss Everdeen is realistically multifaceted.  Sure, she can run you through with an arrow from hundreds of yards away, but she also has a genuine heart.  She's smart and occasionally funny and strong and and and... Katniss is the poo, so take a big whiff.  Oh yeah, and the story is amazing to boot.  This is my go-to book whenever I'm asked for recommendations for someone who doesn't read YA or someone who claims that YA isn't written as well as "real books."  Yeah, this is an instant classic.

the hunger games Pictures, Images and Photos

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