Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 16 – Favorite female character

I recently bought 3 prints from Nan Lawson.  Her work is my favorite, and she also has really excellent taste because she tends to illustrate all of my favorite characters.  The reason I bought those specific prints is so I could frame them and hang them somewhere in my house that would constantly inspire me to think of my favorite strong female characters and inspire me to write and read and basically get things done.  First is Elizabeth Bennet, and I will speak more about her at a later date.  Second is Katniss Everdeen, and I spoke about her on Day 01.

In the third spot in the frame sits this girl.

Hermione Granger
(image courtesy of

Reasons Why Hermione is an Excellent Role Model
-She's brilliant.  And by brilliant, I mean she's the smartest person that you've ever met.  She thinks of things you haven't even thought of before.  Her brain works in a way that can't be understood by Muggles; thus, she's a witch.
-She doesn't realize just how brilliant she is.  This makes her more brilliant in my eyes.  She doesn't get cocky or conceited about her brains.  They are simply who she is.
-She stands up for what she believes in.  S.P.E.W.  Telling Harry when she thinks he's right and when he's not.  Going with Harry and Ron in the search for the horcruxes, even though that means leaving school.
-She doesn't lay down and die when she doesn't have a man.  I know that the relationships are not the same, but Hermione had been in love with Ron for many years at the point in Deathly Hallows when he leaves the group.  He and Hermione had been flirting around each other for years, and by this point, it was clear to everyone that they had feelings for each other.  So, it's no surprise when Ron asks Hermione to leave with him.  But, since Hermione stands up for what she believes in (this time, it's the mission), she stays behind.  She begs Ron not to leave, but he does anyway.  What does she do?  Does she stare off into space for months at a time?  Or does she mourn his loss, cry her tears, and keep moving toward the goal?  (Full disclosure: I've been through a terrible break-up where I lost months without realizing they were passing, so I know how it feels.  But also?  I didn't have a life-or-death mission to save the world to complete, and my behavior during that time isn't something I'd want anyone to use as a model ever.)

Hermione is amazing.  She proves that time and time again over the seven years we are lucky enough to spend with her.  She inspires me by being brave and loyal, honest and true.

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