Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 18 – A book that disappointed you

I went into this in my review of this book on Wastepaper Prose, but I'm certain I'll be a bit more ranty here.  This is your ranty warning.

The Carrier of the Mark Pictures, Images and Photos

Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Gosh, I was expecting a lot from this one.  The publishing story for this book is one that is out of the ordinary.  The author posted this on a site called Inkpop (which is now merged with Figment), and it's essentially an online creative writing community where you can post your stories and get feedback.  This was posted there, and it was selected from all the stories to be published.  This sort of made it the Golden Ticket of YA books, and a ton of people were really excited for this just because of that publishing story alone.  From what I had read about it, the book took place in Ireland- which YAY I love Ireland- and it had supernatural elements, romantic elements, and all the signs that I would enjoy it.

And oh I so did not.

Earlier in the challenge, I discussed how it's uncool to like Twilight these days.  Well, this is one of those reasons.  Twilight brought about the need to create the genre "teen paranormal romance."  Which always makes me giggle.  I read a lot of "teen paranormal romance" but it always sounds so lame-y to say out loud.  Anyway, the author of this pretty much took every aspect of the "teen paranormal romance" and put it in her book.  In a non-well-written way.  To the point where it reads like bad Twilight fan fiction.  It's almost the exact same plot to Twilight with names changed and not-as-good writing and some weird elemental aspects added in.  The whole plot frustrated me so much that all I could do was complain to Jack about it, to which he replied, "Why are you reading Captain Planet?"

I love that boy.

Anyway, I feel this had so much potential that was just so wasted.  Ugh.  And the cover is so pretty!!  Blergh you, Irish Twilight.  You're like the book version of a B-movie.

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