Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 02 – A Show That You Wish More People Were Watching

I like to believe that I have pretty standard taste in TV shows, but it's constantly proven to me that I don't.  This is especially true when it comes to sitcoms.  While I can find comfort in a show that uses the same tropes since Ozzie and Harriet graced the screen, I usually find that sort of thing to be boring and unfunny.  Show me something new, TV show.  Don't go for the obvious joke.  Earn my laughter.

There's been one show over the past few years that has done all of these things and more, and it always on the verge of falling into the nothingness.  That's why my show that I wish more people were watching IS:


I will admit that something's been a little off since it returned in February (which, incidentally, was also October 19th), but those first three seasons... well, that was a sitcom like they had never been done before.  It poked and pointed at the genre to find what makes it tick, and then it made fun of it.  The kicker for me is that it airs against The Big Bang Theory, which always kills in ratings and which I don't find to be funny in the least.  I've watched multiple episodes, and I just don't enjoy it.  They go for the easy joke while Community goes for "Remedial Chaos Theory."

If you haven't already, watch some Community.  At least watch "Remedial Chaos Theory."  If you don't laugh during the timeline when Troy gets the pizza... well, I don't know if we're allowed to be friends.

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