Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 19- Best Cast

Yesterday, while washing dishes, I serenaded my dog with the Perfect Strangers theme song.  She seemed to enjoy it.  She's also not very bright?  She probably thought I had a treat.  Or she's standing tall on the wings of her dreams.

So, today...

Not only is this the best cast on TV, it may be the best cast ever.


This show is mah jam.  It could've been so not this good, but the cast really makes it something else.  They all have such chemistry together!  And not just the couples, though Peter Krause and Monica Potter are superb together.  The four Braverman siblings?  Any combination of Braverman siblings?  (Personally, I liked the recent pairing of Crosby and Julia to give us the younger sister over achiever and older brother slacker).  The parents with their kids?  The kids with their cousins?  Mae Whitman with any person she talks to?  It's just lovely to watch.  Even Buzzfeed thinks so.

Of course, this is where I would show you all the videos of how this cast is the best.  Sadly, there aren't many up on the 'Tube (copyright infringement, blah dee blah).  But there is ONE.  And it's worth your time.

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