Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 08 – A show everyone should watch

Yes, I know I'm behind.  I wish I wasn't.  However, I'm behind because I took a weekend to relax and unwind and hang out with almost all of my besties (all except the BEST BESTIE).  So, while I'm sad to be behind, I'm not sad for the reason.  So, I'll do 2 posts today and 2 tomorrow.  We we we so excited.

What show should everyone watch?  Friday Night Lights.

Why should everyone watch this?  Well, there are so many reasons.
For that.

For her.

And this kid right here, YES this kid.  Also?  (Keep on scrolling)

Yeah, absolutely that guy.

Also, it's some of the best writing and acting and music and camera work and stuff that's ever been on television.  So. So. So. SO. good.

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