Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 15 – Favorite female character

OH HAI I totally forgot to update yesterday!  Here's my excuse, are you ready?  So, I went to the gym yesterday after work.  I usually go to the treadmill but decided to change things up and ride one of the bikes instead.  It took a little bit of oomph to get going, but after a while, it wasn't so bad.  Somehow, I ended up being on the bike for about 45 minutes-- go me!  And I didn't even feel that terrible!  As the night wears on, though, my legs are like... UM, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?  And then as I tried to sleep last night, I was like Clair Huxtable after her aerobics class taught by her sister Debbie Allen.

Either way, that's my excuse.  It's sort of fitting, considering I just posted all that stuff about the Huxtables earlier this week.

Anyway, so what are we at?  OH, that's right, Favorite Female Character.  Much like the male category, I have a few.  Clair Huxtable, for one.  That woman is F-I-E-R-C-E.  And, of course, Buffy Summers.  Amber Holt.  Tami Taylor.  Liz Lemon.  Daisy Steiner.

There are two, however, that are my favorite of all favorites: Lorelai Gilmore and Veronica Mars.  In looking through my blog, though, I've already written about both of these ladies.  And in the same entry, no less.  SO, to give you something new to read about, I give you a NEW choice for favorite female character.

Claudia Jean Cregg.
So many things I want to say about CJ.  Basically, CJ is a goddess, a wonder, my spirit animal.  She keeps up with Josh Lyman, with Toby Ziegler, with Leo McGarry, with the coolest president this country has ever seen, and she does it all with grace and awesomesauce.  She's not afraid to say what she thinks, and she doesn't back down.  Just watch these.

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