Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 25 – A show you plan on watching (old or new)

So behind, so behind, la-la-la-la so behind.  And you know, I kind of care but also, I'll get it done.  I'm not worried.  I've been really good about my other blog challenges in the past.  Plus, I need to give myself a break.  No guilt here.

Oh, you didn't come here to read my mental nonsense?  You wanted to hear my opinion about TV and such?  Well, la dee dah, then.  Here you go!

What new show do I plan on watching?
Halt and Catch Fire, a new AMC show.
Why do I plan on watching it?
My bb Lee Pace and his delectable Eyebrows will be starring in it.  Also, it's about the early 80s and IBM, which are two things I am fond of.  It's a long story, starting in the early 80s and starring a dude who works at IBM who goes by the name of Dad.  My dad works for IBM, is what I'm saying.

What old show do I plan on watching?
Parks and Recreation.  Because I haven't watched it yet.  I hear it gets better after the first season, which I assume is because Adam Scott joins the cast, and he's a party down kind of guy.

See what I did there?
(More posts will arrive shortly)

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