Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 24 – Best quote(s)

I may have added the (s) to today's (technically yesterday's) entry.  Because I simply cannot pick one.  This is my most quoted in everyday life show.

It's Scrubs.

I've actually been on a ban from watching Scrubs, a ban started by The Hubs.  He said I watched it too much.  He's not wrong.  I'll try to break these into Quotes That I Love Because They Are Good and Stuff That Always Makes Me Laugh.

In truth, my favorite quote is from this video.  It's the last thing Kelso says.  However, this whole entire video is why I like Bob Kelso as a character.  This episode happened to me at a time when I needed it most.  In fact, I needed it today quite a lot as well.  Maybe I should just favorite it and watch it daily.

So basically, that's the Favorite.  And this one.

All the rest of these?  Stupid hilarious scenes from a show that brightens my day.

Best and most comprehensive Dr. Cox rant.  I wanted to pick my favorite quote, but I honestly can't pick.  I also love Dr Cox in this moment here so very much.

And here is Neil Flynn being hilarious for 8 minutes.

Oh and Drill Fork.  And Bob Kelso's two thumbs.  And MY MACHINES.  And this so many times.  This isn't even scratching the surface.

Hubs requested I add this one, which is his favorite.

omg i love scrubs.

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  1. I still invoke this one ALL. THE. TIME.