Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 13 – Favorite childhood show

This entry will be video heavy.  There is no show from my childhood that I love more than The Cosby Show.  Simply hearing the theme song(s) takes me right back to the living room, with our old TV and the red carpet and the comfy sofa.  Family time with us was also family time with the Huxtables.  I loved how their family seemed just like ours (only funnier), despite the obvious differences between us (the biggest being that they lived in that fancy, beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn!).

Below are just a few of my favorite bits, starting with my favorite bit.

Phylicia Rashad is basically the HBIC.

(I've thought of this moment so, so, SO many times over my lifetime.  Regular people.)

The best part?  Almost every single one of these scenes takes place in the SAME ROOM.  Man, I sure did love that living room.
(And with this, I'm all caught up!!)

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