Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 11 – A Show That Disappointed You

If you don't know what show I'm about to drop right here, then you clearly don't know me.

Show.  Seriously.  It started so strong.  SO STRONG.  That pilot!  The polar bear!  The message in French!  THE FIRST, LIKE, TEN MINUTES.  And the rest of that first season?!  Man, oh MAN.  Compelling as all hell.  It's like the longest best movie you've ever seen.

Then the writers were like, oh you like mysteries?  Well, here's a BUNCHA stuff.  We're not gonna solve any of the original questions either.  We're just keep giving you MORE USELESS STUFF.  So I tried to break up with it.  Then, the Season Three Finale happened, and so...

Yeah.  By that point, it was announced it was going to Season Six and I stayed in just to stay in but SERIOUSLY.  LOST.  OMG.  WHY.

the numbers are bad.

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